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An Irishman took a photograph of his son to the chemist. 'I wonder,' he said, 'could you enlarge this for me?' 'Yes, certainly,' the chemist replied. 'And would it be possible for you to take his hat off for me?' 'Well, I'm sure we could do something. Yes, we could touch it up for you.' 'Oh, that's fine.' 'Tell me,' said the chemist, 'which side does your son part his hair?' The Irishman smiled. 'Oh, come on now. You'll see that when you take his hat off.'

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MAN FOR SALE - PRICE: $60 SYDNEY, Wednesday - A 34-year-old widower with four children, a furnished house at Newcastle, New South Wales, and a car, has offered to `sell' himself in marriage to a woman willing to pay him $60, the newspaper Newcastle Sun said today. The man says the woman should be between 28 and 36, `No beauty queens need apply'. - Evening Standard

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